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Ghaziabad Chapter of All India Dharmyatra Mahasangh is an active social organization serving community on almost all festivals and fairs in the city. It organized week long medical camp in Dudheshwar temple and served injured and ill people. On the occasion of Ramlila festival, the organization camped for whole fortnight during mela for lost found service to community. At present (updated June 2014) the organization has following office bearers:

Senior Vice President
Vice President-1
Vice President-2
General Secretary
Joint Secretary-1
Joint Secretary-2
Media Prabhari
Anusthan Prabhari
Mr Dhanesh Prakash Garg (M-9810294387)
Mr Anuj Kumar Goel (M-9810041371)
Mr Deepak Talwar (M-9810019068)
Mr Ghanshyam Singh Sainger (M-9312416302)
Mr Rakesh K. Sharda (M-9213110193)
Mr Adesh Kumar Sharma (M-9212012276)
Mr Charan Shankar Sharma (M-9212971406)
Dr K. S. Arya (M-9818545053)
Mr Lokesh Thakur (M-9310334436)
Mr Pankaj Singhal (M-9899195588)
Mr Sajjan Kumar Goel (M-9818230720)
Mr Lalit Kumar Gaur (M-9810438677)
Mr Sravan Kumar Jha (M-8595292458)
Mr Tara Chand Bansal (M-9312201400)

And 7 other executive members

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